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Lawrence  H. Smith, Sr., PE

Lawrence H. Smith, Sr., PE

Lawrence H. Smith, Sr., PE

Presents a SunCam continuing education series on the topic of:


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Gracey, KY
Phone: 270-235-8194

Lawrence (Larry) H. Smith, Sr., P.E. has over 46 years of experience and licensed as a registered professional engineer (Mechanical and Civil Engineering) in 12 States and NCEE holder. Certifications with the states of Ohio and Louisiana as an Technical Assistance Analyst, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Energy Monitoring and Control Systems, Noise and Vibration Control, Fire Safety for Health Care Occupancies, Certificate in Construction Safety & Health, U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Infrared Thermographer and licensed Mechanical Contractor.

Experience: Senior Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Department Manager before semi-retiring in 2004. Thoroughly experienced with notable credentials in total energy plants, Cogeneration, waste heat recovery, earth pit incineration waste systems and energy audits totaling 50,600,000+ square feet, as well as in the complete and comprehensive analysis, scooping, preliminary and final design of diverse central chilled water plants to 8000+ tons, ice storage systems, roof top and built up units, DX, steam and hot water boilers, steam piping, chilled water, condenser water, process, compressed air, gas, and hot water piping systems. Network piping involving primary, secondary and tertiary piping systems, decoupler piping systems (Copyright holder), hardy cross methodology, VAV, constant volume, heat pump, ventilation and fume control, fire protection, plumbing, medical gas, noise control systems, civil engineering projects, City of Jacksonville Florida sewer improvement program, storm water pumping for the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, etc. Systems associated with major commercial/office, medical, educational, high-tech industrial, municipal and high rise office buildings. He has also taught heating, air conditioning and refrigeration for the Mechanical Contractor Association of America.

Honors: Order of the Engineers, Kentucky Colonel, Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, American Military Engineers and Who's Who's.

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