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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design

By: Gregory J. Taylor, PE

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Course Objective

This continuing education course is written specifically for professional engineers with the objective of relating to and enhancing the practice of engineering.

Course Description

165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment  Design

A horizontal alignment is one of the fundamental three-dimensional features of the highway that are directly related to its operational quality and safety. Its basic objective is to provide a smooth-flowing, crash-free facility. Along with the roadway cross section (lanes and shoulders, curbs, medians, roadside slopes and ditches, sidewalks) and vertical alignment (grades and vertical curves), the horizontal alignment (tangents and curves) helps to provide a three-dimensional layout for a roadway.

In today's environment, applying design standards and criteria to 'solve' a problem is not enough. Designers must understand how various elements of the roadway contribute to its safety and operation, including the horizontal alignment.

This course summarizes and highlights the design of horizontal alignments for modern roads and highways. The contents of this document are intended to serve as guidance and not as an absolute standard or rule.

When you complete this course, you should be familiar with the general design of horizontal roadway alignments. The course objective is to give engineers and designers an in-depth look at the principles to be considered when selecting and designing roads.

Subjects covered include:

  • Design speed
  • Horizontal curves
  • Superelevation
  • Spiral curves
  • Offtracking
  • Sight distance
  • Coordination of Horizontal & Vertical Alignments

The fundamental objective of good design will remain as it has always been — to produce a roadway that is safe, efficient, reasonably economic and sensitive to conflicting concerns.

165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Kurian Kalarickal
Verified Buyer
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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Thorough and comprehensive course for the driver on US roads.
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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
David Gibbs
Verified Buyer
A good overall summary of roadway horizontal alignment standards. An interesting review>>>
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Rafael Eugenio De Arazoza
Verified Buyer
Very good. Clear and to the point.
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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Michael Galura
Verified Buyer
Well written and very informative.
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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Niall Gillespie
Verified Buyer
Useful course with useful design formulas and a good overview of roadway alignment concepts explaining why the roads surveyors lay out are the way they are (or should be).
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165-Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Mike Cochrane
Verified Buyer
Excellent refresher course!
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Roadway Horizontal Alignment Design
Anonymous reviewer
This course is a useful review course for surveyors in that in North Carlina land surveyors do have to know about roadway design. The Surveyor here is increasingly having to be the last person to catch errors in the design.
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(no title provided)
Test doesn't contain much mathematical approaches toHorizontal curves.
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Test Booklet & Exam in Alignment
Straight forward read and exam. Good refresher course.
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