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About Course Approvals:

SunCam is pre-approved as an engineering continuing education provider in every state that either requires or allows pre-approval. No state pre-approves technical courses. All states leave it to the licensee to select courses that meet their own individual needs and the state board’s published criteria for acceptable continuing education. SunCam has reviewed the criteria for each state and has evaluated each of our courses against those criteria. The web page for each course lists any state that we believe would NOT accept the course. We use our own best judgment in creating these lists because no state board of engineers will either confirm or deny that a technical course is acceptable. We feel confident about our lists and we will make every reasonable effort to defend your choice of courses to your engineering board but the final judgment must be yours. We cannot guarantee what we cannot control.

Our "Ethics for US Engineers" and "A Case Study in Engineering Ethics: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster" courses are accepted by all state engineering boards that require ethics training. Florida is the only state that requires pre-approval and Florida has approved both courses. "Ethics for Engineers - Based on the NSPE "e;Code of Ethics for Engineers" is our newest Ethics course and Florida approval of that course is pending.

Our "Laws & Rules" courses are intended specifically for Florida engineers and have been approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE). New York, New Mexico and Ohio engineering boards will NOT accept credits for these courses but many other states accept them for general credit. In some cases, such as Texas and Mississippi these courses are also accepted to meet "Ethics" training requirements. You may want to contact your state engineering board before you rely on credits from any Florida Laws & Rules course for license renewal in another state.


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