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Welcome to SunCam

Three Easy Steps: Completing a SunCam Course

Step 1 - Select and Purchase a Course

Whether you use a credit card to make your purchase or a SunCam Prepaid Training Voucher, we have made it easy for you to make a selection because you can preview all of the online course documents and tests in their entirety prior to purchase. For video courses, you can watch the FREE streaming video and preview the slides used in the course. Many people actually complete our courses on paper before they purchase. In selecting courses remember that most engineering boards don't mind if you choose courses that are outside your discipline so be sure to consider the entire array of subjects.

Step 2 - Read the Course Document (or Watch the Video)

When you purchase the course, (using a credit card or a SunCam Prepaid Training Voucher) we will immediately send you an email with a link to your Customer Self Service Center page . This page contains ALL the links you need:

  • A link to access the streaming video (for video courses)
  • A link to the course document (or course slides for video courses).
  • A link to the test worksheet (for those who prefer to record their answers on a paper copy of the test).
  • A link to email the course author if you have a question about the course.
  • A link to login to the online test.

(You can also access your Customer Self Service page by clicking on the "My Courses" button on the home page, and entering the email address and billing zip code used to order courses. This list will also include your purchased courses.)

Most people print a copy of the test worksheet for marking their answers while they take the course.

Step 3 - Login and Answer the Test Questions

You add your name and email address on the login page. When you have answered all of the questions you click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the test and our computer program scores your test immediately. If you achieve a minimum passing score of 70%, we display congratulations screen and send you an email along with a "Certificate of Completion" and detailed results of your test including explanations for any questions that you missed. In the unlikely event that you fail to pass the test, the program will automatically reset your login link allowing you to retake the test as often as necessary, at no additional cost.

You can also reprint your receipt or your Certificate of Completion from "My Courses" on this site.

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