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Michael A. Benoist, PE

Michael A. Benoist, PE

Michael A. Benoist, PE

Presents a SunCam continuing education series on the topic of:

Spacecraft Subsystem Fundamentals

Contact author at:
Camp Hill, PA

Michael A. Benoist is a licensed professional engineer in the Electrical & Computer domain with over 20 years of engineering experience. The following is a summary of his experience:

• Systems Testing
• Specifications: Interface, System, Subsystems, & Software
• Independent Verification & Validation
• Software Design & Test
• Requirements
• Interface Control Documents
• Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance
• Specifications & Drawings
• Systems Modeling
• Subsystems Health Monitoring

He is a graduate of Capitol College (now Capitol Technology University) with an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science (BS) degree ― core courses included: 17 Electronics, 7 Telecommunications, & 8 Mathematics.
Course Title Rating Hours Price
211-Spacecraft Subsystems Part 1 ‒ Fundamentals of Attitude Control
(4.6) 5 Reviews
4 $90.00
This course formerly titled: Spacecraft Attitude Control Fundamentals - A Control Systems Application

Future Courses by Michael A. Benoist, PE

  • Spacecraft Subsystems Part 3 ‒ Fundamentals of Thermal Control
  • Spacecraft Subsystems Part 4 ‒ Fundamentals of Structures
  • Spacecraft Subsystems Part 5 ‒ Fundamentals of Propulsion
  • Spacecraft Subsystems Part 6 ‒ Fundamentals of Telemetry & Command
  • Spacecraft Subsystems Part 7 ‒ Fundamentals of Payloads

Featured Course:

212-A Comparison of Runoff Estimation Techniques

$9.95 - 4 Hours

(Was: $90.00)

Offer Expires: 5/5/2017