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Ida Buckles, P.E.

Ida Buckles, P.E.

Ida Buckles, P.E.

Presents a SunCam continuing education series on the topic of:

Land Development

Contact author at:
Pensacola, Florida

Ida Buckles has over 10 years of experience in the land development
field.  She has managed and designed both residential subdivision
and commercial site plans. This comprised a wide range of duties; from
design of storm and sanitary sewer, water supply, streets, grading,
erosion control and stormwater management facilities; to coordination
with clients, contractors and regulatory agencies.&nbsp; <br>
Ida graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Civil
Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in California and
North Carolina.<br>
Course Title Rating Hours Price
308-Commercial Land Development - A Basic Step-by-Step Guide
(4.8) 5 Reviews
1 $22.50

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