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Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, Ph.D., PE

Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, Ph.D., PE

Presents a SunCam continuing education series on the topic of:

Wireless Technology

Contact author at:

TimeDerivative Inc
Coral Springs, Florida
Ph: 954-937-3288
Books by this Author:

Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, Ph.D., P.E. is Founder of TimeDerivative Inc., a wireless technology and consulting venture formed to provide him with an impressive title, and to capture his share of forms for filing federal, state, county and local taxes and corporate reports. He was Vice President of Strategic Development at Time Domain Corp. where his form-filing workload was minimal.

Motorola named him Dan Noble Fellow and presented him with the Silver Quill and Master Innovator Awards for his clever prose and inventions. When not collecting titles, awards and impressive "wall paper," Kai consults in IEEE 802 and other Standards, ITU-R, UWB development, Intellectual Property evaluation, RF Exposure and Safety, and lectures anywhere in the solar system where an audience can be bribed with free pizza to hear about UWB technology, wireless systems, or antennas and propagation.

Dr. Kai holds more than 70 patents (37 issued in the US) in wireless technology and has published extensively, including text books, Ultra-wideband Radio Technology, with Debra McKeown (Wiley: 2004), and Radiowave Propagation and Antennas for Personal Communications, Third Edition, with Yasaman Bahreini (Artech: 2007). He is an avid amateur radio Morse operator and commercial airplane pilot with instrument and multi-engine ratings.

Course Title Rating Hours Price
094-A Gentle Introduction to Ultra-wide Band (UWB) Radio Technology
(4.3) 11 Reviews
2 $45.00

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