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I can't open or download a course PDF file!

Most of SunCam's material comes in Adobe's PDF format. This format is widely supported by almost every platform. If you are having issues opening or downloading them, see our Fixing Problems With PDFs page.

However, some Internet Browsers have issues with opening these files in the browser interface itself. This is usually an issue with browser settings, especially security settings. (PDF Files are perfectly safe, but some browsers don't automatically differentiate between PDF files and other more possible malicious file types.

I miss-placed my course login, how can I find it?

There are two ways to locate previously purchased course logins. The fastest way is to use our Customer Self Service page. If you were logged-into an account when you ordered they will already be listed in your Order History page. If not, you will need to provide your billing email address and billing zip code to see your orders.

My Test Login Doesn't Work?

You can easily reset your test login yourself:

  1. Go to our Customer Self Service page.
  2. Use either your billing email and billing zip or your user account to look up the course.
  3. Click the red Reset Test Login button.

I can't find my Certificate of Completion.

You can download or print a Certificate of Completion for any test you've completed and passed. Just use our Customer Self Service page to look up the course then click the blue Certificate of Completion button.

Why should I create an Account?

Accounts are for your benefit but they are optional. Besides making it easier to reorder (your address will be pre-filled in), Your order History is easier to find.

Can a course be purchased by one person and then taken by another?

Yes, The Certificate of Completion and the credits will be issued to the person who logs-in to take the test regardless of who purchased it.

I have 5 engineers wanting to take one of your courses. Instead of registering them separately is there a way I can purchase 5 online courses at one time

Yes, after you add the item to the shopping cart go to "View Cart", change the quantity to 5 and click update. The credits are assigned based on who logs-in to take the test, not the person who does the buying.

How do I know if one of your courses is accepted by my state engineering or surveyor board?

With few exceptions our courses are accepted by all state engineering boards. If there are any exceptions, they will be listed below the "Add to Cart" button on the course details page.

Is it possible to pause during a course and resume on a different day?

Yes, the courses can be paused and resumed at any time.

For courses offered at a special price, can the course be purchased now and taken after the special price expires?

Yes, after you purchase the course you can complete it at any time. There are no deadlines or time restrictions.


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