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Nicolas E Andreyev, PE

Nicolas E Andreyev, PE

Nicolas E Andreyev, PE

Presents a SunCam continuing education series on the topic of:

Green Drainage Design

Contact author at:
Sanford, FL
Phone: 407-330-7763
Cell: 321-377-0139

Currently Mr. Andreyev is the president of Andreyev Engineering, Inc., a consulting engineering firm in the Orlando, Florida area. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1980 he started working as a geotechnical engineer with Jammal & Associates, Inc. in Winter Park, Florida. He quickly realized that groundwater hydrology and stormwater infiltration was an area of little research in the early 1980's and entered the School of Engineering at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 1982. He concentrated his studies in the areas of groundwater hydrology, surface water runoff and stormwater management. For his Master's thesis he has researched the area of stormwater infiltration and develop a methodology to integrate the transient nature of unsaturated and saturated flow of water from retention ponds built in unconfined shallow aquifer systems.

He graduated from UCF in 1985 while still working for Jammal & Associates, Inc. and started to transition from geotechnical work to groundwater studies and computer simulation of groundwater flow. In 1989 he was contracted by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to develop a methodology for the investigation, evaluation and design of stormwater retention ponds. The project was successfully completed and the new methodology was adapted by the SWFWMD as the basis of review for stormwater retention pond permitting. Mr Andreyev continues to research the area of infiltration and groundwater flow and often teaches short courses on the subject.

Mr. Andreyev has authored papers and published computer software over the years in the area of stormwater infiltration and groundwater flow.


  • Retention Ponds Infiltration Analyses in Central Florida. Master's Thesis, University of Central Florida, May, 1985.
  • Stormwater Retention Pond Infiltration Analyses in Unconfirmed Aquifers, Permitting Guidelines for Southwest Florida Water Management District, 1989 (with Wiseman, L.P.)
  • MODRET - Groundwater Flow Computer Model, Permitting Guidelines for Southwest Florida Water Management District, March, 1989.
  • Cranes Roost Lake Level Management Project, ASCE, Proceedings of the 17th Annual National Conference, April 17-21, 1990, Forth Worth, Texas. (with Sear, T.R.)
  • 2DSALT - Saltwater Intrusion Computer Model For One Layer Aquifer System (Pre and Post-Processors), August, 1991.
  • 3DSALT - Three Dimensional Saltwater Intrusion Computer Model (A Modular Addition To The U.S.G.S. MODFLOW Model), August, 1991. (with Rowney, A.C. and Pugh, F.)
  • Guia Nacional - Estaciones Experimentales para el Reuso de las Aguas Servidas Tratadas, Plantas de Tratamiento de Cabimas y Ciudad Ojeda, March, 1994. (with Segnini, L.)
  • FDModel - Computer Model to Design Filter Drains & Underdrains for Stormwater Retention Ponds, May, 1995.
  • MODPUMP - Computer Model to Reduce Aquifer Performance Test, Using the USGS MODFLOW Model, (Pre and Post-Processors), May, 1995.
  • Sand Slurry Injection: An Alternative Remediation for Special Projects, ASCE, Proceedings of the 11th Annual Karst Conference, September 20-24, 2008, Tallahassee, Florida (with Barfield, S. E.)
Course Title Rating Hours Price
032-Stormwater Retention Pond Recovery Analysis
(3.8) 25 Reviews
4 $90.00

Future Courses by Nicolas E Andreyev, PE

  • Laboratory and Field Test Methods for Aquifer Characterization — This course will present a review of the laboratory and field test methods for determination of aquifer thickness, depth to water table, estimation of seasonal high groundwater level, hydraulic conductivity, storage coefficient and other related parameters to allow characterization of the effective aquifer system or retention pond design.
  • Stormwater Retention and Recovery Analysis for Underground Exfiltration Trenches — This course will present the analytical approach and selection of design parameters for stormwater retention and recovery in areas where open space for a normal retention pond is not available and underground exfiltration trenches are used.
  • Groundwater Mounding Analysis for Septic Tank Drain—field in Shallow Unconfined Sandy Aquifer System — This course will present the analytical approach to estimate the height of groundwater mound below the center of a septic tank drain—field for a given long term loading rate.
  • Determination of Site Specific Runoff Curve Numbers Using Direct Field and Laboratory Testing Methods — This course will present a methodology for field and laboratory testing approach to estimate effective soil storage and then to calculate the corresponding runoff curve number (CN). This methodology allows a more accurate and site specific determination of the runoff curve number.

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