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094-A Gentle Introduction to Ultra-wide Band (UWB) Radio Technology

By: Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, Ph.D., PE

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Course Objective

This continuing education course is written specifically for professional engineers with the objective of relating to and enhancing the practice of engineering.

Course Description

This is a Spotlight Course of the Week (Expires: 4/27/2018)
094-A Gentle Introduction to Ultra-wide Band (UWB) Radio Technology

This well illustrated course provides a gentle introduction to Ultra-wide band (UWB) radio technology that contrasts UWB specific characteristics with conventional narrow band radio characteristics. The treatment focuses on concepts rooted in the historical development of wireless technology. We trace early wide-band wireless on its march to conventional narrow radio, and then to increasing signal bandwidths to take advantage of performance improvements inherent to wide bandwidths. We observe wireless technology mature, and culminate in today's UWB technology. We will see how UWB signals can coexist with other systems. A simple UWB transmitter will be shown, and system performance will be explained. Finally we will investigate the potential applications space for UWB technology.

094-A Gentle Introduction to Ultra-wide Band (UWB) Radio Technology
Eugene Gabrell
Verified Buyer
Very nice overview of material and interesting subject matter.
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094-A Gentle Introduction to Ultra-wide Band (UWB) Radio Technology
Hector Serrano
Verified Buyer
Great introduction to "impulse radio", or ultra wide band (UWB). The course covers the historical development of traditional radio and how it drove the necessity for narrow-banding for its survival. One sees how the opposite, ultra wide band, proved to offer greater advantages over narrow band radio. Figures, some formulas and very helpful analogies guide the reader into grasping a basic understanding of this technology. It is amazing to see UWB's features and flexibility.
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Good radio course
Engineer from Greenville Sc
Excellent review of radio spectrum /transmission theory. Good course
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Good overview
Anonymous reviewer
Good review of basic theory but lots of typos in the course material.
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(no title provided)
For some engineers, this could have been more complex, and gone into more detail.
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Worst Course
The answer choices to the questions are not the same as the course material (e.g. questions #10 & #11).
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(no title provided)
John Shipley
Answers to test questions required significant knowledge that was not in the course material.
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(no title provided)
Dr. Siwiak has done it again; to make understandable the TIme Domain issues when most all of us are stuck thinking in the Frequency Domain. There is just enough history herein to explain and make practical how all the UWB mystery came about. and enough explanation of how it can me made useful to all creative radio engineers.
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A Great Place to Start
Hans Schantz
Dr. Siwiak explains the fundamentals of UWB in a comprehensive yet readily understandable fashion. This is a great place to start if you wish to get up to speed on UWB technology.
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Excellent introductory tutorial on UWB
Lorenzo A. Ponce de Leon
This tutorial explains ultra wide band systems to technical enthusiasts outside the field. With clever illustrations and straight forward math the author demystifies time and frequency domain modulation to explain the essential features of UWB signaling. The author also provides a perspective on the role of UWB in the world of communications and leads us through an entertaining history of the evolution of UWB. Recommended!
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(no title provided)
This course is a nice introductory overview to the concept of information transfer using ultra-wide band (UWB) radio signals. It introduces the high-level concepts through a historical progression of radio technology without getting bogged down in the fine mathematical detail of signal processing and communication systems theory. This approach makes the course very accessible to anyone who has studied electrical engineering or radio communications.
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Price: $17.95
Special Price Expires: 4/27/2018
Course Code: 100214-01
Course PDH Hours: 2
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  • This course is accepted for engineering continuing education credit in all states.

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