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097-Cell Phone and RF Exposure Awareness

By: Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, Ph.D., PE

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Course Objective

This continuing education course is written specifically for professional engineers with the objective of relating to and enhancing the practice of engineering.

Course Description

This is a Spotlight Course of the Week (Expires: 4/27/2018)
097-Cell Phone and RF Exposure Awareness

The objective of this course is to raise awareness and understanding of human exposure to, and safety considerations of Radio Frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) fields from transmitters and antennas such as cellphones and mobile phones, which are among the most prevalent transmitting devices with which people come into contact. We will explore the origins of RF exposure standards, and see how they have evolved. Technical terms will be explained and concepts will be clarified with analogies to familiar experiences. The course is relevant to everyone who operates or uses a portable transmitting device, and is especially relevant to those who work with radio transmitters and antennas.

097-Cell Phone and RF Exposure Awareness
Philip Hanna
Verified Buyer
This was a good course that explained cell exposure dangers (none) in a way that I can pass on to others.
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097-Cell Phone and RF Exposure Awareness
Mitch Riley
Verified Buyer
I am a Civil Engineer, and this wasn't a course I was familiar with. I learned very useful information about the subject. I recommend this course to all engineers. Very well written. Thanks.
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097-Cell Phone and RF Exposure Awareness
E L Phillips, P.E.
Very well written and enjoyable learning experience
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097-Cell Phone and RF Exposure Awareness
Louis Barrentine
Verified Buyer
The material was presented in a format that was easy to follow and understand. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.
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Comprehensive, Yet Clear and Understandable
Hans Schantz
Anyone familiar with Dr. Siwiak's excellent texts on RF and wireless technology knows what to expect here - a comprehensive yet clear and understandable survey of the topic at hand. Dr. Siwiak explains RF safety and exposure, dispelling myths and misconceptions. Highly recommended!
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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Informative and easy to digest
Lorenzo A Ponce de Leon
The course provides a practical overview of RF exposure. The course incorporates illustrations, charts, and common sense examples to quickly bring to focus the most important aspects of RF safety. The writing is well balanced, providing the necessary background to allow the novice to acquire an awareness of the RF safety regulations that exist today. The notes are well annotated with references to the standards and studies that are used in the field. I highly recommend this course for anyone with an engineering or science background, in particular those with a curiosity about the safety of cellular phones.
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Very instructive course
Professor Tadeusz M Babij
Interesting, easy to absorb review of RF safety
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Price: $17.95
Special Price Expires: 4/27/2018
Course Code: 100214-02
Course PDH Hours: 2
Engineering Course Approvals
  • This course is accepted for engineering continuing education credit in all states.

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