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045-Ground Source Water to Air Heat Pumps

By: Peter J. Tavino Jr. PE

Course Description

045-Ground Source Water to Air Heat Pumps
This Geothermal or Ground Source - Heat Pump Course 045 follows the SunCam Geothermal Energy - Course 029 that examined underground closed loops. Now experience the practical application of Heat Pump technology, aimed at Professional Engineers, who would Project Manage a geothermal heating and cooling installation for a small residential or commercial building.

Important photos and diagrams differentiate this course from other on-line articles. The highly technical information presented here is for PEs who seek an in depth understanding of how GS Heat Pumps operate. Numerous reference web site links allow further research specifics beyond the course content. Complement your existing PE skills by adding expertise in the evolving field of Energy Efficiency.
045-Ground Source Water to Air Heat Pumps
Verified Buyer
Gave me a good basic understanding of the systems.
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Fine Overview
The course provides a fine overview of some aspects of the thermodynamics, equipment, and installation of the WSHP systems. The writing skills of the author may be wonderful; but, if they are, this course is not a good demonstration of them. The flow of information is fragmented, and sentence structure is generally poor. This detracts from an otherwise useful course.
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(no title provided)
It was good information. Went over basics.
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045-Ground Source Water to Air Heat Pumps
Lynn Helms
As a geotechnical engineer, I found this course challenging, interesting, and informative. I find the references provided valuable as reference material for the future.
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Andrew Ivester
Important material. Course needs some close editing. Answers to some questions took some head scratching to figure out what was meant (96.55 Score). Overall very useful.
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Mariano Molina
The seminar is excellent.

I suggest rewarding some of the test questions,

However, all in all it is a great source of information and education.

I had already indicated my comment on the blue line in the flow diagram that after the expansion valve, it should not read liquid because "it makes it appear that the expansion valve has no function" since before and after the expansion valve there is liquid. It should read mist or liquid mist

SunCam comment: Portions of the reviewers comments were deleted because they reveal the answers to some questions. Many of the reviewers suggested course improvements have been adopted.
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(no title provided)
The course was very good. It gave basic information for describing geothermal systems and basic information needed for design. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the basics. I felt like a couple of questions were a little ambiguous.
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Price: $90.00
Course Code: 100189-02
Course PDH Hours: 4
Engineering Course Approvals
  • This course is accepted for engineering continuing education credit in all states.

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