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091-Geothermal Boreholes

By: Peter J. Tavino Jr. PE

Course Objective

This continuing education course is written specifically for professional engineers with the objective of relating to and enhancing the practice of engineering.

Course Description

091-Geothermal Boreholes
The vast majority of ground source heat pump systems use vertical boreholes, instead of horizontal trenches. Following up on SUNCAM course 029 Trench Design for Ground Source Heat Pumps, and course 045 Geothermal Heat Pumps for Small Buildings is this latest course on boreholes. Large commercial geo projects involving engineering design, frequently find the borehole alternate superior to trenching, where limited acreage is available for larger building loads. In the language of both the well driller and the design professional, Geothermal Borehole course 091 addresses the many facets of ground heat exchange: Rock thermal conductivity, grout installation sequence & grout thermal conductivity, software design programs, total length formula, heat fusion, manifold layout, all with site plans, web references and photos.

Uncover the technology being employed on many of the new building projects. Become informed on the latest techniques and standards used to harvest renewable energy from beneath our feet.
091-Geothermal Boreholes
Thomas Kenna
Verified Buyer
Informative course. Hard to follow regarding K values and unicoil questions. I expected to find Table 1 in the course text, rather than the addendum. Learned a lot about geothermal boreholes and grouting them though. Had no previous experience with that.
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091-Geothermal Boreholes
The course is good and needed when designing ground water coupled heating/ cooling systems. It could be improved by addressing certification requirements for drillers, possible permit requirements for borings, casing requirements/ limitations, possible environmental and/ or Health Department requirements for borings.
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Magleby Review
H. Kent Magleby
There was good useful information. I would have liked more information particularly regarding ADA compliance. More PDH credits on this subject would be good as well.
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(no title provided)
Few typos (Question #12 2nd line ("right")

Good basic information.

The ridge line section could be improved.
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(no title provided)
Information presented was material I was not very familiar with. Author obviously has much experience in this field. The course material was not quite as well-written as a couple of others that I have taken. Pictures were very helpful, however. Many of the test questions were not worded in complete sentences, and it could stand some improvement.
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Course #091
Syed B. Husain
I am not pleased with the way the material was presented for this course. Information being provided needs to be refined so that individuals taking this course understand and benefit from this course.
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(no title provided)
The course that is intended to give an intro to a new reader, some of the details provided are meaningless. The test portion of the course is very poorly designed. An intelligent person would laugh at some of the questions and the 5 choices given as answers. Have someone with more common sense review the course before you put it out.
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Boreole Geothermal
Daren Cox
This is an excellent course, very informative and there was a lot of work put into the course. The pictures are terrific and go a long way in understanding the process.
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Good Course
Mosby West
The course was very informative, easy to comprehend, and will be helpful for future projects. Provides good information on borehole thermal conductivity, drilling technique, tubing installation and grouting. These courses are a great way to obtain education credits necessary for PE license requirements.
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Engineering Course Approvals
  • This course is accepted for engineering continuing education credit in all states.

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